Our Team

Michael Munteanu, BSc

Michael Munteanu is a Professional Engineer with more than 15 years of experience in integrated reservoir studies, including reservoir simulation, reservoir production performance analysis, reservoir optimization and development, PVT and relative permeability curves.

Michael is a specialist in reservoir simulation and has undertaken simulation studies for many reservoirs located in Canada and internationally.  He has worked on many projects that include the evaluation of heterogeneous formations, multi-faulted carbonates with strong active aquifers, and complex geological models developed on a fluvial channel, low permeable reservoirs with medium viscous oil.  Michael has also worked on projects evaluating multi-stage hydraulically fractured, low permeability reservoirs, water and gas injection projects, waterflood evaluations and gas storage projects.

Michael began his career with OMV-PETROM, the national oil company of Romania.  After moving to Canada, Michael worked with Reservoir Modeling and Management, Husky Energy, and Strategic Oil and Gas.

Currently, Michael is working on hydraulic fracture modeling and predictive analytics with big data.

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