Reservoir Simulation

FRACMOD’s portfolio includes reservoir simulation projects acquired over 30 years of international experience. 


By helping companies across the globe make stellar decisions regarding asset optimization, FRACMOD understands that it’s all about the bottom line and sound investment decisions.

Frac Evaluations

  • Optimize well length, frac stages, tonnage/stage, interwell spacing for your play
  • Sensitivity Analysis for drilling or completion variables

Full Field

  • Full field production forecasting and development plans
  • Model naturally fractured reservoirs, evaluate waterfloods, infill drilling to maximize pool recovery
  • Uncertainty Analysis & Forecasting using reservoir simulation on the development plan

Oil Recovery

  • Evaluate EOR solutions for conventional reservoirs or unconventional plays
  • Water Flood, CO2 Flood, Gas Injection, SAGD, Polymer Surfactant

How does Reservoir Simulation add value?

Reservoir simulation studies have come a long way in the last ten years.  The technology, the data and the expectations for deliverables have all undergone a transformation and growth.  One thing hasn’t changed, however, and that is the desire for companies to maximize their investment dollars.

This is why reservoir simulation is so critical to the overall decision-making process.   The ability to create robust and reliable computer models also results in robust and reliable predictions.  This in turn allows for informed and efficient use of capital resources.   Whether it is predicting the fluid flow in reservoirs to determine optimal completions of wells or determining optimal hydraulic fracture designs, the FRACMOD team understands that better decisions translate to cost savings and efficiencies.