Hydraulic Fracture Modeling

Hydraulic fracturing has opened up vast quantities of energy supplies that were previously untapped. The question is, how can we continue the momentum and optimize this production while minimizing costs?

Fracture modeling is the answer. With extensive expertise in natural fracture modeling in reservoirs across the world, FRACMOD has seamlessly integrated this expertise into Hydraulic fracture modeling.


  • Petrophysical & Geomechanical rock properties, DFIT analysis
  • Optimal frac tonnage, frac fluid and proppant selection


  • Integrated 3D Geocellular model with petrophysical, mechanical rock properties with drilling & completion data
  • Frac look-back analysis on existing horizontal wells
  • Optimal Frac design
  • Incorporate stage shadow effects and micro seismic


  • 3D Geological model on pad
  • Integrate petrophysical, geological and geo-steering data
  • DFIT analysis
  • Model FRAC on existing wells
  • History Match existing wells in Reservoir Simulation model
  • Optimize well spacing aerially and vertically to maximize recovery


  • Infill drilling opportunities
  • Waterflood design
  • Gas injection
  • Huff N’ Puff

Why is Hydraulic Fracture Modeling a good investment? 

Data analysis of unconventional reservoirs indicates that well completions can be more expensive than the drilling itself. Thus, from an investment perspective, soundly built hydraulic fracture models can have predictive capabilities that will significantly improve decision making.   An investment in hydraulic fracture modeling is an investment in risk mitigation, improved recoveries and optimal resource allocation.

What exactly does hydraulic fracture modeling entail?

In hydraulic fracture modeling, simple techniques are used to predict the size and nature of the fractures near the wellbore before the fracking is undertaken.   Hydraulic fracture modeling includes selecting the best proppant and fluids for the reservoir, undertaking log interpretation for mechanical properties, completing re-frac injection fall-off diagnostics and horizontal well stimulation design.  Multiple scenarios are then designed that would incorporate the exact geological setting that the well is drilled in.

After modeling multiple fracking scenarios, the optimal scenarios can be selected by combining them with reservoir simulation studies.   This integrated approach takes the evaluation to the next level of understanding and analytics.  With the aid of leading industry software, better solutions can be selected, minimizing costs to use capital dollars more efficiently.

Although the effective modeling of hydraulic fractures in reservoirs is frequently undertaken in the Unites States, in Canada, fracture modeling is currently underutilized and not fully integrated into the decision-making process.

This is where FRACMOD comes in! 

FRACMOD provides integrated, multidisciplinary expertise to help operators achieve optimal production while achieving cost efficiencies.  FRACMOD will increase your hydrocarbon volumes while reducing your costs.