Geological Services

 As an integral part of the input into reservoir simulation models, petrophysical analysis and geomodeling experts in-house provide the full suite of services in these disciplines.

Geological services extend from regional exploration and development work to building unconventional resource plays. Geological services also include conventional field development, enhanced oil recovery and building detailed 3D geo-cellular models.

Regional Exploration & Development

  • Build optimal business frames by comprehensive review of regional and local geology
  • Identify and Rank leads and prospects.
  • Produce reservoir-based play fairway maps with common risk segments.

Unconventional Resource Plays

  • Build continuous regionally correlated resource plays including CBM and fractured shale plays
  • Identify mature organic rich shales by integrating petrophysics and geochemistry
  • Calibrate TOC and gas content with core measurements and organic geochemistry; correlate petrophysical logs with gas content


  • Build 3D geocellular reservoir model utilizing structural interpretation from seismic, well tops and mapping.
  • Populate model using well data including well tops, well logs and facies models.
  • Generate mappable parameters and estimate OOIP and OGIP

Field Development and EOR

  • Iterative geological and reserves mapping, including well reviews in conjunction with geomodeling and simulation
  • Accurate reserves distribution and optimally placed development and step out wells, workovers and or injectors and flanking exploration wells