Data Analytics and Advisory

Capitalize on the insights generated by data analytics in the assessment of A&D candidates, corporate evaluations and play valuations.

Big Data is no longer a buzzword; it's an operational reality. Organizations are rapidly understanding the value that data mining and analytics brings to the table.

Play Evaluations

  • Data mining, analytics and analysis for oil and gas plays
  • Leverage oil and gas activity, including subsurface well information, to provide full asset study.
  • Fracture modeling and simulation studies

Acquisitions and Divestitures

  • Advise clients involved in mergers and acquisitions.
  • Identification and evaluation of upside and full asset value of M&A candidates.
  • Advising on deal strategic options

How do Data Mining and Analytics add value?

Through data mining and analytics, FRACMOD has created smart solutions to help operators garner more information about their own assets or A&D candidates.  From competitor analysis to proppants used in fracking, FRACMOD can provide valuable information to the end user enhancing their competitive advantages.

Investment dealers in the Energy sector will also benefit from FRACMOD’s business intelligence solutions.   Sound and accurate research and sector knowledge is the cornerstone of the services provided by investment advisors.  Access to timely, relevant data and information is essential for the evaluation of companies and assisting with merger and acquisition needs.

Through FRACMOD’s business intelligence capabilities, investment houses can access integrated operating information of oil and gas players in Canada.  Although some of the data is publicly available, the integration of the data combined with analytic intelligence provides unique and unseen insights to both operators and investment advisors.