FRACMOD is an integrated team of subsurface experts focused on reservoir characterization, hydraulic fracture modeling, and reservoir simulation.  

Fully equipped with industry leading software, FRACMOD is available to be your in-house technical team when and as required.

FRACMOD's innovative technical services model offers simplicity and convenience to our clients when making investment decisions. Through its flexible pricing model, FRACMOD helps operators find the optimal solutions at optimal price points.

Hydraulic Fracture

FRACMOD's iterative integration of geomechanics, 3D fracture modeling, and reservoir simulation results in more accurate fracture characterization.


FRACMOD's distinguished portfolio of international reservoir simulation projects spans over 40 countries across the globe.


FRACMOD's in-house petrophysical analysis experts offer the full suite of petrophysical services.


FRACMOD’s suite of integrated services includes seasoned expertise in geological services.

Data Analytics
and Advisory

FRACMOD helps organizations leverage the value of data mining and analytics in asset evaluations.

Why choose FRACMOD to be your Technical Team?

When it comes to software, the investment of bringing various software in-house can be steep and even cost prohibitive.    Similarly, professional expertise, in both software proficiency and technical competence, is also costly.  This is compounded by the fact that both software and services are often required on an intermittent, project specific basis only, resulting in inefficient usage.  As a result, our clients are rethinking the notion of making heavy in-house investments in software and human resources.

This is where FRACMOD comes in as a fully integrated team, ready to step in and provide solutions to our clients as required.  By bundling software and professional services, in discrete units depending on the client’s requirements, FRACMOD can ensure that operators have access to the best combination of both to provide cost effective, convenient solutions.   


Please contact FRACMOD for an overview of our product offerings.