chad singh

Chad Singh is an accomplished engineering professional with over 18 years of upstream onshore oil and gas experience in the areas of completion design and fracture modelling, production operations, facilities design, and project management. He is a leading-edge expert in completion design in a multitude of pressure and temperature environments and has a proven track record for capital efficiency and production enhancement. He is recognized for his strong technical and problem-solving skills and has a keen eye for detail.

Chad has routinely contributed towards optimizing reservoir development in a variety of spacing/stacking configurations within unconventional plays. He has presented his findings and chaired presentations at technical meetings. His passion for improving business performance has been shared within the technical community through knowledge sessions and mentoring.

Chad’s approach to working with clients is based on collaboration and engagement. His understanding of petrophysics, geomechanics and completion design helps to synthesize various technical findings with business objectives to improve cycle times, accelerate production, increase recoveries, and optimize reservoir performance.

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