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By combining a multi-disciplinary team with industry leading technology, we serve as your one-stop-shop for oil and gas advisory services.

The Era of Data Driven Decisions

Understanding the sub-surface requires technical expertise and high quality technology to drive effective insights. FRACMOD has a team of industry experts with over 25 years of experience working with young professionals to drive innovation and new ways of tackling problems. Meet our multidisciplinary team here.

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The industry is transforming and so is our way of working and tackling problems. FRACMOD is working to drive innovation for our clients and improve efficiencies for all technical needs.

“The oil and gas industry is operating under a different paradigm now. With the low commodity price environment and the geo-political instability our world is facing, it is even more critical to have improved performance to achieve capital efficiencies while minimizing operating costs. FRACMOD has the solutions. FRACMOD can help E&P companies improve the production of each well and save significant capital dollars.“


gurpreet sawhney, president

FRACMOD has an array of expertise using industry leading petrophysical, geological and reservoir modeling suites of software and has each platform available in-house and on-demand.

Computer Modeling Groups suite of Software, GEMS, IMEX, STARs and more

Schlumberger’s suite of software including Eclipse, Petrel and Kinetix

Gohfer, the industry leader in integrated geomechanical fracture simulation

tNavigator,a true multiplatform system

GEOLOG, advanced petrophysical analysis

Industry leading streamline simulation suite”