Hydraulic Fracture Modeling

Integrated, multidisciplinary expertise to help operators achieve optimal production while achieving cost efficiencies.

Case Studies

Case studies for Montney, East Duvernay, Bakken, and Horizontal Well Pad Development

Reservoir Simulation

FRACMOD specializes in seismic evaluation, structural modeling, log interpretation, and reservoir simulation.

International Experience

With experience in over 40 countries, FRACMOD provides an array of services custom designed for international portfolios.

“The oil and gas industry is operating under a different paradigm now. With commodity prices dipping below $50/bbl in the recent past, it’s critical to have improved performance at the drill bit to achieve capital efficiencies while minimizing operating costs. FRACMOD has the solutions. FRACMOD can help E&P companies improve the production of each well to save significant capital dollars.“

Gurpreet Sawhney, President and CEO